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Lash Extensions 101

Written by Monica Dotson - August 29 - in Services
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I think we can all agree, everyone can’t be good at everything. We all have different talents. But I do know my talent. And that’s lash extensions. I fell in love with lashes 5 years ago at a beauty industry training.

Instantly I was a lash addict! Not at wearing lashes, but creating them. I love everything about creating lashes for clients. The different styles, shapes, colors, just everything! No two are the same. But doing lashes was not enough. Nothing never is with me. I wanted more. So with a lot more training (and I mean a bunch), classes, hours of studying, testing and certifications, I became a Master Lash Educator. Really, there is that much to learn about creating lashes. Really? Really! Lol. I hope to share with you the “lash extensions for dummies” version of my lash extension training.

All natural lashes are not the same. All lash extensions are not the same. And oh my goodness would you believe, all lash artist’s are not the same! You see, most lash artist’s get their training from a cosmetology school. Sounds good right? NOT! That cosmetology school training consists of probably 1 hour reading a chapter about eye anatomy. And a few diagrams. And maybe, it’s a stretch, but just maybe actually gluing some cluster lashes onto their fellow student friends eyes as practice.  Poor friend – but that’s what beauty school is all about, minimal training and experience, bad experiences, fried hair, too much makeup, Brazilians gone bad, and learning the hard way.

You want someone with a specialized certification from a reputable lash company. This is very important. It means they have at least taken a class that only focuses on applying lash extensions and the safety of lash extension products.

The first thing you should look for when searching out a lash artist is, as a minimum, is a certification behind beyond basic cosmetology school. You want someone with a specialized certification from a reputable lash company. This is very important. It means they have at least taken a class that only focuses on applying lash extensions and the safety of lash extension products. They should now have better sense than to buy glue off eBay and put it that close to the lash line! But do not depend on it! Also you want to make sure they are doing one at a time individual lashes.  This means the synthetic lash that is applied to one of your natural lashes. looks very similar to your natural lashes.  Not several spider lashes all tangled up in some Kama sutra position! Unfortunately that’s what we see way too often by clients who come in not liking the way their lashes look from a so-called lash artist. We end up removing the spider web lashes from their lashes and provide them with new lashes. During the lash procedure, your eyes should be closed. You should not smell strong glue fumes. The adhesive we use at Frenchy’s has little to no fumes. Your eyes should not burn when yiu open your eyes. They should not feel heavy, irritated, or any uncomfortableness. They should feel like natural lashes 100%.

We hear the same questions often, so I’m going to go ahead and answer a few of them:

”Does it hurt?” Nope, not at all. At Frenchy’s, you lie down in a nice comfy bed with a blanket keeping you cozy. Most people fall hard and fast asleep. Your eyes must stay closed, and no talking (most eyes will twitch when you talk). So why not get some zzz’s?


”How long do they last” Our natural lashes shed on an average of 1-3 lashes a day. Every 90 days, on average, we all have a brand new set of natural lashes. So you come in for a new set of lashes and we add lashes to the longest most mature lashes we can find on your lash line. In other words the strongest lashes. Then 2-3 weeks later you come back in for a lash “Fill” and we search out the lashes that have grown out you have shed since the last lash visit the initial news set and we add new lashes (fill-in) to those lashes. It’s not like we are lashing the same lashes over and over. We search for new mature lashes. So, how long do they last? As long as your real lashes last.

”I’ve heard lash extensions make your natural lashes fall out” well, as stated in the previous paragraph your lashes do shed on a regular cycle.  But lash extension created by a reputable well trained lash  artist do not cause premature lash loss.  When lashes extensions first became popular, a poor quality glue was used that was not healthy for the natural lashes.  Lash adhesive hasve come a long way, and so has trained lash artist.


”I do not want them to look fake” We customize each set of lashes to your lashes and look desired. Our lashes come in diameters from .07-.15. And lengths from 7mm to 15mm.  We can give you the completely natural look (60-75 lashes added), or the “Kim Kardashian” look (150-200 lashes). Although to have the Kim Kardashian look you must have very strong natural lashes and we can help you with that decision.  We can only put as much weight on your natural lash as your natural lash can support. Our most common look is very natural, thick lashes that look like they have a nice coat of mascara on them.


”Can I get them wet?” Well yes, you have to bathe don’t you?! I think it’s crazy when I hear people say they got a set of lashes somewhere and was told they could not get them wet.  (Did they use water based glue or what??) I want to say “and what was your plan for bathing?” Lol. Our lashes are totally waterproof! We have many women who surf, or do yoga every day. That’s one of the things they say they love most. No more running mascara. You see with lash extensions you no longer need mascara. Really. Never. Think of all the money you will save not buying mascara. Lol.


At Frenchy’s all the lash artist have received lash certification from The certification class consist of eye anatomy, safety and sanitation procedures, lash styles, application of lashes.  Two of our lash artist have also received their master lash artist certification, they specialize in a method of lashing known as 2-d and 3-d. This method gives the lash a thick but fluffy beautiful look.

Ok so I’m not that good at the short version of lashes 101. Like I said earlier I am passionate about lashes. Done right they’re awesome. Done wrong they look like a nightmare. Be smart about lashes. Do not look for the cheapest price. Remember: Great lashes aren’t cheap and cheap lashes aren’t great.

This is Monica French Dotson, Master Lash Educator for Frenchy’s Wellness Spa, reminding everyone to always make room for more beauty in your life.

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