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Small Business Week Office Makeover

Written by Holly Bohn-Weiss - August 26 - in Media, News
Jacksonville Spa Office Makeover

Originally written by Holly Bohn-Weiss on See Jane Work.

I remember when I first started See Jane Work, there was no time to decorate or organize my office. When I finally made time, it made a huge difference in my attitude and productivity.

When you start a business you spend so much time in your office, it should be a place you enjoy, so I decided to do two office makeovers during National Small Business Week. (Yes, I realize that was in May, but it’s been a little hectic around here and I am just now posting the photos.)

The first makeover was for Monica Dotson, owner of Frenchy’s Spa in Jacksonville, Florida.

I got to know Monica during my many visits to Frenchy’s. When I saw her office for the first time I was a little surprised. She had spent a lot of time making the spa nice for her customers and employees, but had neglected her own space.

This is a small space and she has a lot of paperwork and supplies, so this wasn’t easy. I shopped the See Jane Work for Office Depot line as well as The desk, shelf, cabinet and chairs are from I was able to purchase almost everything I needed in one online order. I did end up running to my local Office Depot store for a few more supplies, but from start to finish the entire makeover took just 4 hours!

Notice my big smile? I love office makeovers. In fact, I was so excited to do the makeover that I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to take photos. That’s why the pictures are not the best quality, but if you happen to be at Frenchy’s, Monica might let you see her office.

We were able to snap the picture at the exact moment that she walked in for the reveal. She was soooo happy and appreciative. I check on her office every time I visit Frenchy’s and I’m happy to say that it still looks great. Staying organized is easy when you select the right systems for your personality and work style.

Monica has since told me that she not only feels more productive, but she has found that it is easier to tackle long or difficult tasks in a space she enjoys.

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